McCormack, Timothy L. H.


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 The law of war crimes, 1996: CIP t.p. (Timothy L.H. McCormack, University of Melbourne)
The changing face of conflict and ... 1999: CIP t.p. (Timothy L.H. McCormack, Faculty of Law, Univ. of Melbourne)
SRC:The changing face of conflict and the efficacy of international humanitarian law / edited by Helen Durham and Timothy L.H. McCormack(Martinus Nijhoff : Kluwer Law International, c1999)
EDSRC:Beyond victor's justice? : the Tokyo war crimes trial revisited / edited by Yuki Tanaka, Tim McCormack, and Gerry Simpson (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2011): t.p. (Tim McCormack)
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1 再論東京裁判 : 何を裁き、何を裁かなかったのか / 田中利幸, ティム・マコーマック, ゲリー・シンプソン編著 ; 饗庭朋子 [ほか] 訳 東京 : 大月書店 , 2013.12